Golden Globes Nominations Strain Credibility (Even More than Usual)

"Aw c'mon, you gotta be kidding me. They nominated THE TOURIST for Best Picture/Comedy or Musical? Even I think that's funny!"

You think the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the folks responsible for handing out the Golden Globes, would have learned.

I mean, the Globes seem to have been treated with something less than awe by Hollywood insiders for years.

In fact rumor has it that the reason the ceremony is so well attended is that it is arguably the biggest Hollywood party of the year.

Unlike the Oscars, celebrities are allowed (encouraged?) to imbibe alcohol during the ceremonies leading to some, um,  bizarre acceptance speeches.

A few years ago, in one of the more memorable moments in Globe history JACK NICHOLSON soberly thanked all the nominees and then, well, click on the link and you’ll see why the Globes are the Rodney Dangerfield of award ceremonies. They just don’t get any respect.

The Globes hit an all time low in 1981 when HFPA chose PIA ZADORA as Best Newcomer for an obscure film called Butterfly over nominees like ELIZABETH McGOVERN in Ragtime and KATHLEEN TURNER in Body Heat.

In “A Cynic’s Guide to the Golden Globes” Steve Persall writes: “Turns out Zadora’s billionaire husband, Meshulam Riklis, feted HFPA members at one of his luxurious hotels while their ballots were still blank.”

According to Persall, the resulting scandal cost the Golden Globes its television contract with CBS and the show was banished from network TV for 14 years until NBC picked it up.

Now the HFPA are raising eyebrows again with a Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) nomination for … The Tourist?

That’s not all … the critically savaged flick, which scored a lowly 21% on (107 rotten reviews, 29 fresh) also landed nominations for stars JOHNNY DEPP (Best Actor/Comedy or Musical) and ANGELINA JOLIE (Best Actress/Comedy or Musical)

Veteran showbiz trade paper The Hollywood Reporter speculates that “to skeptics, the choices appeared to be a particularly blatant play to line the red carpet with celebrities — in this case, two of the world’s biggest — at the Golden Globes ceremony Jan. 16.”

Golden Globes nominees get a lot of press. Marketing types love them.  What is not mentioned so often is who actually picks out these awards. Who is the Hollywood Press Foreign Press Association anyway and are they really – to borrow a phrase from a headline in “one big joke”?

“The organization started doling out awards 66 years ago,” explains Examiner Pop Culture reporter Kimberly Bogin,  “The HFPA consists of roughly 90 foreign journalists and they accept less than five new members a year. They sound like an esteemed group of film aficionados, but if you believe Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers, the HFPA ‘has for sixty six years now been perpetrating a scam that would make Bernie Madoff blush. Very few members are full-time journalists. The skinny is that they’re in it for the parties and the movie stars and, of course, the annual network TV show which nets them a tasty $6 million.’ ”

Hmmm , you have to wonder whether NBC will be hosting the awards again next year.


Author: rixbitz

media gadfly

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