DVDs I Watch So U Don’t Hafta …. TRESPASS

"Don't worry, honey. Nobody does a Nic Cage impression like you do!"

Plot Inna Nutshell: Burglars break into the home of a wealthy businessman played by Nicolas Cage and he talks them to death.

Oops, My Bad: Okay, that’s not actually the plot. But it could be. In fact, this movie should be required viewing for youthful hipsters looking to perfect that Nic Cage impression that goes over so well at parties.

But Seriously Folks: It’s hard to imagine anyone else being gripped by this talky, logic-challenged, wannabe thriller.

What’s A Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Jerkoff Like This?

I can imagine Nic Cage in this flick . Any more turkeys like Drive Angry, Season of the Witch and that egregious remake of The Wicker Man and his career is in the tank anyway.

And the most charitable description of the directing style of veteran Hollywood hackmeister Joel Schumacher (8 MM, Phone Booth, Batman & Robin, The Number 23) would be, um, “workmanlike”.

But what is a class act like Nicole Kidman doing in a movie with this less than dynamic duo? (She plays the wife of Cage’s businessman character)

And if fellow Aussie import Ben Mendelsohn (cast in the role of one of the burglars) is looking for a way to break into Hollywood after winning friends and influencing people as a truly sinister heavy in the mostly terrific Oz made thriller Animal Kingdom this ain’t the way. Just sayin’

"I Want a New Agent! - Now!"

The only bright spot here is a Texas born teenager named Liana Librato who, as the bratty rebellious daughter of Cage and Kidman’s characters, is so effortless and natural  you’d swear she wandered in from another, better movie.

Liana Librato: Caught Sneaking In From Another, Better Movie

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