JUST ADDED TO MY iPOD: “Color of the Blues” Patty Loveless

PATTY LOVELESS: She's Got a Jones for Classic Hurtin' Songs

This ain’t none of that drugstore cowboy crap that wipes clean with a damp cloth. This is hardcore hillbilly soul, friends and neighbours.

‘Hat acts’ may come and ‘hat acts’ may go but this stuff is timeless, like death and taxes, heartaches and hangovers.

Miz Patty don’t pull no punches when it comes to phrasing, stretching those syllables until you think they’re gonna snap.

Maybe that’s what gives this music its peculiar emotional tension.

I mean, sure, a modern day “hat act” like Kenny Chesney may be all tore up over his latest romance gone wrong but he sounds like he’ll recover in time for the next awards show.

Miz Patty wraps those sorghum and molasses vocals around the lyrics of this vintage George Jones hit like she ain’t ever gonna see a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Blue must be the color of the blues,” she wails.

You said it, sister.

"Color of the Blues" is taken from Miz Patty's album of classic country covers (pictured above)


Author: rixbitz

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