Stuff I Think About While Waiting for the Bus: Strictly from “Hunger”

… Just watched CHLOE GRACE MORETZ in Let Me In and Texas Killing Fields and (once again) I gotta wonder why she wasn’t picked for the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games trilogy. (It’s been awhile since I read the novels by Suzanne Collins but I seem to remember Katniss was only 14 or 15 in the novels.)

… Also watched a remarkable young performer named KAITLYN DEVER  recently on the Season 2  DVD of F/X’s Justified. (Watch her face down a male predator twice her age and draw blood and there is no doubt this young woman can handle the challenges of any role she is asked to play.)

Don’t get me wrong. I am in awe of Jennifer Lawrence’s versatility and talent. She was believably brave and feisty in Winter’s Bone and both hot and heartbreaking  in Like Crazy (I even rented the little-seen The Poker House cuz she was in it.)

What worries me is that the producers and/or marketing types may have chosen an older actress as part of a strategy to fill the gap left by the soon-to-wrapped-up Twilight franchise.

Hmm, a foxy, vulnerable and yet courageous teenage female with two hunky males vying for her affections and all served up in an otherworldly and potentially violent setting.  What does that remind you of?

All we need now is a catchy new label to replace “Twihards“. Katnips? Gamers? Hungry Hearts? Hungermania? (Look for words like “appetite”, “food for thought” and “starving” to figure prominently in showbiz headlines.)

Judging from the pre-release media frenzy (and advance ticket sales) the hype is working.

One bright spot; Ms. Collins may have had more input into the final draft of the screenplay than may have been initially obvious. Fans of the novels can only hope the resulting film is truer to the books, in spirit at least.

And they have certainly nailed it when it came to casting AMANDLA STENBERG. Watch her deftly outwit a gang of Latin American drug thugs as a junior version of Zoe Saldana’s character in Columbiana and you just know this youthful performer is an inspired  choice for the role of Rue.


Author: rixbitz

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