After Watching “Safe House” on DVD I Have 4 Questions …

Vera Farmiga:  Living Doll? 

1) What’s up with Vera Farmiga’s makeup in this pic? Is it part of a CIA plot to make natural beauties like Ms. Farmiga look like kewpie dolls?

Ryan Reynolds: High Calibre Talent?

2) Is Ryan Reynolds playing with guns again? I thought he learned his lesson(In the behind-the-scenes DVD feature for Smokin’ Aces he admits “it’s pretty weird for a young Canadian man to be working with guns this much.” )

3) Isn’t Denzel Washington getting a little old for this? (Apparently not, because he acts convincingly dangerous as a slippery rogue agent tangling with CIA types played by Reynolds, Sam Shepard, Brendon Gleeson and the aforementioned Ms. Farmiga.)

Denzel Washington: Playing It Safe ?

4) I know what the producers say on the DVD. But didn’t  they really hire director Daniel Espinosa because he was cheaper than other, more established action lensers?  (The Chilean-Swedish helmer makes his Hollywood debut with this so-so thriller. He has one other feature film to his credit, a Swedish language pic called Snabba Cash.) Frankly, Safe‘s  queasy cinematography,  jittery editing and “aw c’mon” plot points (by first-time feature film scripter David Guggenheim, not to be confused with Oscar-winning documentarian Davis Guggenheim) kinda threw me off.

Oh well, I guess you have to learn somewhere.

Daniel Espinosa: Grabba Cash?

Author: rixbitz

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