Hmmm, So That Explains It: JOHN CARTER

With a budget estimated at $250 mil, John Carter could earn the dubious honor of being one of the expensive flops in Hollywood history

I hate to kick a man when he’s down but after watching John Carter on DVD I can see why this sci-fi action franchise wannabe crashed and burned at the North American box office.

Or, as the Martians would say, “A Princess of Barsoom”

The pic is based on an early work from Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs. ( In the novel,  the Martians call their home planet Barsoom.)

“Yeah, I’m from Canada. D’ ya make something out of it?”
(Kitsch was a hockey player before he came to Hollywood so he knows how to fight.)

Taylor Kitsch in the title role is adequate (although Ryan Reynolds needn’t lose sleep at night)

Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris (not to confused with Vietnamese actress Dejah Vu)

and  Lynn Collins as Martian princess Dejah Thoris is foxy enough to make me want to save her city (even if breathing the air of Helium did make me sound like Donald Duck.)

Basically, though, the flick looks like a vintage movie serial … if the makers of these pulpy thrillers had access to a $250 mil budget and acres of green screen technology.

That may interest a few aging sci-fi geeks but it was obviously not enough to lure droves of young moviegoers into the theatre.  

However, a random comment  in a DVD Blu-Ray bonus feature (“360 Degrees of  John Carter) may shed light on the real culprit.

Don’t blame it on director and co-writer Andrew Stanton or the Hollywood execs who greenlighted this turkey.

Blame it on the caterers.

“When you’re on set for this long your highlight of the day is when lunch comes around, ” explains one movie extra. ” To make or break a film, what the catering put out is pretty much paramount to whether you have a good day or a bad day.”


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