KWIK KWOTES: Straight From the Horse’s ….

The following quote  (from a behind-the-scenes extra on the Cat Run DVD) can be interpreted in a variety of ways. (Personally, I like to think of it as unintentionally ironic.)

American actor turned director John Stockwell tells us the original script was set in Virginia and switched by the film’s producers to Serbia due to budget restrictions.

Director John Stockwell: High Calibre Entertainment?

On the DVD, Stockwell says the change in locations had an unexpected benefit.

“The one great thing about Serbia is that there are a lot of good guns,” Stockwell says with a straight face. “They have great available weaponry.”

Paz Vega: Cat Got Her Gun?

PS The above quote should in no way be construed as an endorsement of the film. If anything it proves that even the transcendent beauty of Spanish star Paz Vega cannot save this unwittingly awful American style action thriller (expect lots of blood, sadistic torture and a high body count.) 


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