Love in a Graphic Novel, British Style

“I know,you’re unusual. Unique, even. That’s what I love about you. And it’s not going to be black magic and psycho-horror all the time … is it?”

Well, probably yes … if you’re Phoebe Clifton-Avery, a “bespectacled, middle class doctor” and you are in love with John Constantine, a remorseless, amoral London street thug who dabbles in the dark arts.

Of course, as any good therapist can tell you, acceptance of a man’s true nature is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

Constantine: You said you were a doctor, right? Well, I smoke, I drink. I take drugs. I swallow the blood of crazed animals under full moons. I have been known to make the occasional human sacrifice. All of which must be very BAD for my health.”

Phoebe: And you think I’d try to change you?

Note to John: Mix a crazy little thing called love with that old black magic and you can get more than you bargained for.

Dialogue in italics excerpted from John Constantine HELLBLAZER: Hooked (published by Vertigo, a division of DC Comics)

Writer Peter Milligan (l.) and layout artist Guiseppe Camuncoli (r.), part of the creative team behind the Vertigo graphic novel John Constantine HELLBLAZER: Hooked

Author: rixbitz

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