Book Bites 2: “Living Dead in Dallas” Charlaine Harris

How many times have you stared into someone’s eyes and wondered what they are thinking?

Sookie Stackhouse doesn’t have to wonder. She can read minds.

And, frankly, when you are a blond and bodacious barmaid living and working in a small Louisiana town, that can be plain distracting if you realize people are saying one thing and thinking other, less flattering thoughts.

That’s why she is immediately attracted to Bill Compton. Y’see, Sookie’s telepathic abilities are limited to humans and Bill is a vampire. All she gets when she is with him is this blissful silence. Of course, it helps that Bill is tall, dark and an expert in certain erotic arts.

However, as Sookie discovers in the second novel in Charlaine Harris’ “Southern vampire detective series” (to quote a blurb from The Denver Post on the back cover on the novel my niece has given to me) having a cool vamp boyfriend comes with its own set of challenges.

“Dating a vampire can be hard on your equilibrium if you’re truly a daytime person, like me … I drank lots of water and orange juice and took a multivitamin and iron supplement for breakfast, which was my regimen since Bill had come into my life and brought (along with love, adventure and excitement), the constant threat of anemia.” 

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton and Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in a scene from HBO’s “True Blood” (inspired by the Charlaine Harris novels.)

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