They Say You Want a Revolution? Yes, But Only on TV!

Hurricane Sandy obviously affected different people in different ways.

Former film biz executive Joe Pichirallo moved from Los Angeles last year to take a post as chair of the undergrad film and TV department at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Proving  you can take the boy out of Hollywood but you can’t take the Hollywood out of the boy Mr. Pichirallo writes, in a recent first-person blog to showbiz trade newsletter

“Two days of living without power proved very frustrating. Our iPhones and iPads were running out of power.” 

Oh no, not that!

Fortunately, there is a Hollywood happy ending to this potential tragedy which is so emblematic of the times we live in:

“At one point, we learned that a friend 12 blocks uptown had power. We invited ourselves over and plugged our gadgets into her electrical sockets. After we recharged, we felt relieved — no longer were we in danger of losing our normally routine link to the outside world.”

The beleaguered exec confesses that at the beginning of the storm he and his family were living in New York City`s West Village. That’s when Hollywood connections come in handy. 

“Wednesday, we made the move uptown. An industry friend, who mostly lives in Los Angeles, graciously agreed to let us camp out in her empty apartment near Rockefeller Center.”

It would be ironic if said industry friend was  in L.A. working on Revolution, the new series from Lost creator J.J. Abrams and friends (but then I am a fan of irony.) 

According to reporter Tim Molloy (writing in a separate article): NBC’s  Revolution has the best concept of any new fall show. It imagines life after a worldwide power outage forces humanity to live without cars, cell phones, or any of the other modern conveniences that give our lives meaning and annoy us to no end.

Mr. P could probably relate to comments by NBC entertainment prez Jennifer Salke.

Upon announcing that the network has ordered a full season of the ratings hit she said: I personally love to escape into a world where there is no power, the phone doesn’t ring, and the pace of life slows down — if only for one hour a week!”

Of course, I am aware I could  not type out this item without power. Like I said, I appreciate life`s ironies.


Author: rixbitz

media gadfly

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