Headlines That Attracted My Interest (Obviously, I Don’t Get Out Much)

“Your body is like a wonderland ….:”

“Your bellybutton is like a rainforest”

No, it’s not a new John Mayer song. (It’s the headline from a recent care2causes newsletter.)

BBC News Magazine scribe Cordelia Hebblethwaite (with tongue firmly in cheek) has an article on the Beeb website entitled:

10 ways you know the US election is over  

Among other things, Ms. Hebblethwaite (who is stationed in Washington DC) lists:

Mattress ads back on television

The polling addicts are in detox

Celebrities go back to selling you their perfume, not their political views

The talk is all about 2016

(Of course, with a moniker like Cordelia Hebbethwaite she would have to develop a sense of humor during her tenure in the States.)

And speaking about the U.S. election here’s a headline from Reuters News Agency:

“Kenyan mother names twin boys Barack and Mitt.”

Millicent Owuor, 20, gave birth to the twins in south-west Kenya on the day Mr Obama was re-elected. Ms. Owuor said she would never forget the day of the US elections. And with names like that, her twin boys will probably never forget the 2012 election either.

A website with the innocuous name yourjewishnews.com actually has some of the strangest news headlines of them all. In fact, you will have to have a very dark sensibility to appreciate most of the headlines in the “Weird” section of this site.

Here are some of the milder examples:

Researchers are looking for women to try female Viagra nose drops

Man asks woman out on a date after robbing her

New Jersey Craigslist ads offer gas in exchange for sex

(or is that Craigslust?)

and, finally, from the care2healthyliving newsletter:

4 Tricks To Stop Procrastination  

(I’ll read that one later)


Author: rixbitz

media gadfly

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