KWIK KWOTES: If I’d a Known Retirement Was Going To Be Like This …..

Dillinger in Hollywood is John Sayles‘  first short story collection in 25 years

“Your geriatrics and horses hold a lot in common – they’re high strung, they bite and kick sometimes, and they’re none too big on bowel control. Course if a geriatric steps on your foot it don’t take a wood chisel to peel it off the floor….. It‘s a living. “

JOHN SAYLES  Dillinger in Hollywood: New and Selected Short Stories (Nation Books 2004)

“ Okay, stop horsin‘ around. “

In addition to being a prize-winning novelist and short  story writer,  Hollywood  maverick John Sayles (pictured above) has written and directed some of my favorite indie flicks: Return of the Secaucus Seven,  Brother from Another Planet,  Baby It‘s You,  Eight Men Out,  Lone Star and Matewan (to mention just a few).


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