Canuck Cult Film Fave: HARD CORE LOGO


Okay, obviously there are not as many flicks to choose from as your standard garden variety U.S. cult film faves but there are still a number of enduring epics that have wormed their way into the collective consciousness of  fans of Canadian films everywhere and at the top of the list (or near the top, depending on who u talk to) is  Hard Core Logo.

Toronto Film-Maker Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Hat Wearer)

Director Bruce McDonald‘s 1996 mockumentary classic chronicles the uppers and downers of a fictional punk band on an ill-fated reunion tour across Canada.

Hugh Dillon plays lead singer Joe Dick. (This is before he gained fame as an actor on TV series like  Durham County and Flashpoint. Back in the day he was still best-known as lead singer of irreverent T.O. hard rock band The Headstones.)

Hugh Dillon as Joe Dick in Hard Core Logo

Callum Keith Rennie plays glamorpuss lead guitarist Billy Tallent. (Yes, thats  where Ontario punkers Billy Talent got their name.) 

Callum Keith Rennie as Billy Tallent in Hard Core Logo

For that touch of authenticity real life rockers Joe Keithley, Art Bergmann and the late Joey Ramone play cameo roles.

McDonald based his movie on the memoirs of musician Michael Turner. As both a novelist and a member of  hard-touring Vancouver based band Hard Rock Miners Turner knew what he was writing about and how to express it.

Hard Core LogoThe Book That Started It All

The resulting film is a brutally funny and, ultimately, deeply disturbing look at the flip side of the rock and roll dream.


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