I Wish I’d Said That: DIANE SCHUUR And All That Jazz

“Guys like me can use all the words in the big book of words, but ultimately, we’re left with the music. We used to call these things records. SCHUUR FIRE is a record of a time and place,a moment when a great singer was joined by great musicians to create a rhythmic document that transcends time and place. In our increasingly disposable culture,  SCHUUR FIRE has legs for the long haul. Stop reading. Play the music. Enjoy.”

Doug McIntyre. liner notes for 2005’s Concord recording Schuur Fire by Dianne Schuur featuring Caribbean Jazz Project.

Cool liner notes ... and very cool contents ... that's for damn schuur (sorry, I couldn't resist)
Cool liner notes … and very cool contents … that’s for damn schuur (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

I also like (and envy) his description of Diane’s reading of the old Sig Romberg-Oscar Hammerstein II chestnut “Lover Come Back To Me.” 

“Diane’s ‘Lover’ is not a chaste wallflower. She’s uninhibited and defiant and erotic – the lover you remember on your death bed.”

Whew! Well, I can’t top that. I’ve listened to the disc myself and there’s not a weak track on the album. All I can say is “Yeah, what he said!” 

PS The track “Ordinary World” which Doug says “may be as new to you as it is to me” is actually from a 1993 album by Brit heartthrobs Duran Duran. Two of the song’s composers,  Simon LeBon and John Taylor, are flagship members of the group. (I hate myself for knowing that.)

Diane Schuur - Extraordinary talent
Diane Schuur – Extraordinary talent

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