I Saw It on Netflix: BRAKE

Brake disc
Brake disc

I don’t wanna be a spoilsport here so let me just say that Stephen Dorff’s character wasn’t the only guy who felt claustrophic and wondered what the (bleep) was going on.

Of course, there is a plot twist (well, more than one,  but, that’s alright,  I didn’t believe ’em anyway).

I gotta give credit, though (if credit is due)  to director/producer Gabe Torres and novice screenwriter Timothy Mannion for keeping the budget low.

Trust me. You don't deserve Brake today (unless you're a really, really BIG Stephen Dorff fan.)
Trust me. You don’t deserve Brake today (unless you’re a really, really big Stephen Dorff fan.)

Author: rixbitz

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One thought on “I Saw It on Netflix: BRAKE”

  1. At Least explain what the movie is…

    Secret Service agent Jeremy Reins awakens in the trunk of a car driven by terrorists who are hunting for the president’s secret bunker. For Reins, escaping means more than just his own survival: The nation’s future hangs in the balance


    I thought it was exciting & nerve racking. Def twist & turns, one twist after another…..


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