If I Didn’t Know Better I’d Swear They Had Just Watched “The Tree of Life” …

“The director doesn’t want you to understand . Life’s mystery, the atmospheric cinematography …. “

Leopoldo (Roberto Benigni) in Woody Allen’s From Rome with Love attempts to explain a film to friends/relatives who have  just exited a movie theatre shaking their heads and/or mumbling “I don’t get it” or words to that effect.

(From what I understand film-maker Terence Malick’s latest film To the Wonder is even more self-indulgent/ mystifying/inaccessible/arty/WTF).


One comment

  1. I am a big Terrence Malick fan (Tree of Life is something like my Bible and I also ran to the premiere of To the Wonder…as I could not wait to see it..)…so are you basically saying that this movie (Woody Allen’s) was based on similar philosophy…or style…I am curious to know as I didn’t see it??

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