Is Milk a Misunderstood Beverage? Depends on What U Read.


“According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Disease-Proof Your Child, drinking cows’ milk has been linked to allergies, anal fissures, childhood-onset (type 1) diabetes, chronic constipation, Crohn’s disease, ear infections, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer.”

From “Milk:Does It Really Do a Body Good?” posted by KAYLA COLEMAN  Care2Causes Newsletter Jan 06 2010


Ms. Coleman’s posting generated 92 comments from online members of the newsletter including this one from a writer identified only as Pa H:   “ The lack of scientific information in the comments of this blog is discouraging and shows how little most people really know about history, science, biology, anthropology and health … Dairy has been a staple of many indigenous people’s diet for thousands of years, since the domestication of animals … for those who want more accurate information on this topic I recommend ‘The Untold Story of Milk’ by Ron Schmid.” 


 “There is so much conflicting evidence out there about what we should or shouldn’t eat I’m not sure what to believe half the time.” 

Care2Cause online member Sue Leis responding to Ms. Coleman’s article and some of the comments posted on the site regarding the article.


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