Good grief!

It’s Die Hard in the White House!

Gerard Butler as a defrocked security guard gets to redeem himself by singlehandedly battling North Korean baddies who have kidnapped the Prez (Aaron Eckhart) and are trashing the White House.

The plot has its share of “aw c’mon” moments. I mean, who would have dreamed Presidential security was so porous?

However, you gotta give it up for novice screenwriters Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt for  coming up with some new villains for Hollywood action heroes to shoot at.  Usually, it’s Middle Eastern terrorists and/or mercenaries funded by some super wealthy Dr. Evil and/or those ever popular Russkies (these days, however, the Russian Mafia seems to  have replaced those cunning Commies.) 

Of course, rudimentary screenplays are director Antoine Fuqua’s specialty . Yes, I know he directed Training Day. But he also has Brooklyn’s Finest, Replacement Killers and Tears of the Sun on his resume so don’t expect too much from this okay action thriller

Fortunately, the film-makers have frontloaded the flick with dependable A-listers (look, pa, it’s Morgan Freeman!) and solid. whats-his-face character actors (like Ziploc or Zelko,  whatever, he was on both True Blood and Damages ) to carry the movie over most of the rough spots.


Author: rixbitz

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One thought on “I Saw It on VOD: OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN”

  1. The weight of what’s happening does make itself noticeable mainly because of how much the destruction of the terrorists plan is going to affect America and I actually did like that part of the film. But this movie isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it’s meant to allow you to have fun and let that be it. Good review.

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