It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Bling

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Based on a true story about some bored California kids who prowled the homes of “celebrities” like Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge this paperthin pic features a cast of telegenic unknowns (and Emma Watson) who play well together and are scarily believable in their roles. 

Still, Sofia Coppola’s languorous direction is a matter of taste. 

Sofia Coppola -  "And Now I'd Like To Do My Version of 'Brass in Pocket' "
Sofia Coppola “And Now I’d Like To Do My Version of ‘Brass in Pocket’ “

If you liked Ms. Coppola’s previous film Somewhere and/or are a Paris Hilton fan (Nurse!) and/or eagerly follow the tabloid adventures of Lindsay Lohan and other babes-in-the-Hollywood hills you may enjoy this flick. (Some of the break-in scenes were filmed in Ms. Hilton’s actual home. And, yes, to quote one of the characters, she likes herself a lot.) 

Personally, I thought the flick had a lot of surface shine but very little depth (but, then, maybe that was the point.)

And, yes, I did like the Vanity Fair magazine article (on which the film is based) better.


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