Cheap Thrills: BOUNTY KILLER

It’s not surprising that Bounty Killer plays like an Ozploitation flick.

bounty- poster 1

After all, director Henry Saine, who co-wrote the script with a childhood friend/cousin, tells us on a DVD extra he was a big fan of the Road Warrior movies while growing up.

What is surprising (to this viewer) is the number of reputable big city newspapers and  mags that sent reviewers to a movie theatre to cover it . 

I mean, even a negative review from New York Times is a big deal.  (At least they saw it.) 

Especially if you are a cheerfully unapologetic low-budget genre piece like Bounty Killer

bounty killer - poster 2

With that in mind I culled some of the reviews, via, for blurbs which sum up the film-makers’ intentions and makes the movie look (unintentionally) attractive (at least to genre fans) and show the kind of attention this movie received from (as far as I’m concerned) relatively unlikely sources. 

“… intentionally cheap, silly and bloody from beginning to end, Bounty Killer is custom-made for those seeking out self-aware garbage …”  Tom Long, Detroit News 

” … shot and scripted like a comic book come to life …” Inkoo Kang, LA Times (That’s right, Inkoo Kang! I don’t make these names up. )

” … the genre equivalent of soft-core porn: it doesn’t care how strained and derivative it is as long as it is delivering flying bullets, fast cars, and closeups on women’s sashaying asses … ”  MaryAnn Johansen  Flick Filosopher

RT “Super Reviewer” Michael Hopson actually liked this movie. So we’ll leave it up to him to sum up the alleged plot  ” …  a balls-out insane future world where corporate CEOs are running everything … and the only means of fighting back the people have is to trust in bounty hunters to kill off those responsible. These mercenaries reap the adoration like modern day superheroes … While there’s potential for a darker exploration of celebrity culture, Saine and screenwriter Jason Dodson wisely choose to aim for maximum B-movie schlock value.”

Christian Pitre as Mary Death- No less an authority than NY Times calls her character "the Paris Hilton of bounty killers"
Christian Pitre as Mary Death– No less an authority than the New York Times calls her character “the Paris Hilton of bounty killers”

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