I Saw It on DVD: The Look of Love

If you want to cast someone to portray a character with a lot of surface shine (the kind of guy the Brits would call a cad and/or a bounder) you hire Steve Coogan. 

So it’s not surprising that director Michael Winterbottom cast Mr. Coogan in the role of real-life cad/bounder/rascal Paul Raymond, the man who found to his immense pleasure that British heterosexual men love watching scantily clad and/or nude women on stage or in magazine form and made a fortune in the process. 

the look of love - DVD

Director Winterbottom provides ample evidence of Raymond’s hedonistic lifestyle and forces Mr. Coogan to dig deep to find some humanity in his shallow character. (It is tempting to call Raymond the British Hugh Hefner.)

However, the performance that stays with me is Imogen Poots’ portrayal of Raymond’s doomed daughter, a pretty little rich girl who had everything her father could give her. (Sadly, it wasn’t enough. Judging from the number of troubled offspring, being a child of a celebrity comes with its own unique challenges and not everyone survives the journey to becoming a fully functional and independent adult.)

Ms. Poots in The Look of Love - A Performance with Staying Power
Ms. Poots in The Look of Love – A Performance with Staying Power

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