Stuff I Learned from DVD Extras #3 – Parkour

Those (often ignored) DVD extras, special features, bonuses, behind-the-scenes featurettes or whatever they are called on the DVD you’ve just rented/downloaded/got from the Library often contain valuable background on the story, why the performer chose to do the script and/or how some of the stunts were accomplished. For example. here’s a definition of parkour by the man who is credited with inventing the sport/discipline/whatever you want to call it.

Dist 12 - DVD 2

Parkour is practised in realistic configurations. It’s truly all the different possibilities to pass through different architectural spaces that give the body different ways of moving in a way we haven’t seen in other sports.”

David Belle, District B-13 DVD (District B-13 is the English title. And, no, this movie has nothing to do with the districts in The Hunger Games.)

David Belle in action on District B-13
David Belle in action in District B-13

To really see what he is talking about, you gotta rent this movie. Forget 2006’s Casino Royale and all the Hollywood actioners and music videos that have attempted to rip off Belle’s creative work and rent District B-13 (if you haven’t seen it already.) Directed by Luc Besson protege Pierre Morel (but don’t hold that against him) District B-13 is the real deal!

Disr B13 - DVD cover


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