Stuff I Learned From DVD Extras # 4 – Alice Cooper

SUCK - poster 2

SUCK is an alleged “vampire comedy” written and directed by Canadian actor/screenwriter Rob Stefaniuk. I rented it originally because it featured Jessica Pare (star of the 2001 cult film Lost and Delirious and Don Draper’s  wife on TV’s “Mad Men”) and a cast of rockers (Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Moby) who “act” in films rarely. Gleefully low budget, this 2009 release about a rock band who become vampires remains little seen.  The script contains some clever inside humor for musicians (and those who hang out with them) and Ms. Pare is always easy on the eyes (even when she is chewing on a severed arm.) 

Jessica Pare in Suck: Wanna neck?
Jessica Pare in Suck: Wanna neck?

The DVD version also contains some interesting soundbites.  Here the man formerly known as Vince Furnier explains how he got the idea for his alter ego:

“When I first invented Alice Cooper I  looked around and said,’We’ve got a million Peter Pans out there. Where’s Captain Hook? Rock’n’roll needs Captain Hook. Well, I’ll play that, I’ll play the dark character. And I had more fun playing that … I was a natural villain.” 

He has some typically Alice-like lines in the film, too. My favorite is “I would say you’re 30 pounds of junk food and a retail job away from killing yourself.” 

Alice Cooper on Suck - Fangs for the Memories
Alice Cooper in Suck – Fangs for the Memories

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