For Charter Members of Insomniacs Anonymous (2)

And then when I finally fall asleep I get these dreams dredged up from my subconscious (or wherever this stuff originates.) They may not be as vivid or clearly symbolic as the dreams detailed in a Kathy Reichs novel (or James Lee Burke, for that matter) but they sometimes leave me as perplexed (and wide awake) as Arthur Beauchamp, the retired former lawyer who serves as the alleged hero in Canadian writer Bil Deverell’s novels.

“I still recall the dream that awakened me briefly that night: its protagonist unbearably  frustrated as he tried to sort out shape-shifting figures … I was running through the snow about to cry ‘Eureka’ because I had the answer … and suddenly I was sitting up in bed and couldn’t even remember the question … whatever had arisen from my subconscious was erased. The dream seemed portentous as well as phantasmagorical, and for hours I stared out at the moonlight-dappled  garden, trying to tie its threads together.”

William Deverell I’ll See You in My Dreams copyright 2011 by William Deverell published by McClelland & Stewart



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