BOOK BYTES: Kristen Johnston feels alienated from so-called “normal” society …. and she likes it that way

Guts - book cover

“I’m convinced that the only people worth knowing are those who’ve had at least one dark night of the soul. Now, a dark night of the soul is completely different from simply having a very, very bad night. A very bad night might include being stood up, discovering a vary large canker sore on your lip the eve of your wedding, or when someone excitedly asks you when the baby is due when you haven’t had sex in a year.
A dark night of the soul is very, very different. Recovering addicts and alcoholics sometimes refer to this as their “bottom” but it happens to almost everyone, at some point or other. It’s that life-changing moment when everything you’ve always wanted to become, everything you actually are, and everything you know you’ll never be, all slam into each other with the deadly force of three high-speed trains … the terrifying moment when your mask falls away …. You finally see who you really are, instead of who you always pretended to be.”

Kristen Johnston Guts
Copyright 2012 by Kristen Johnson Gallery Books (a division of Simon & Schuster Inc.)

Yes, she is the tall blonde alien from #rd Rock From the Sun"
Yes, she was the tall blonde alien from TV’s 3rd Rock From the Sun”

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