Life as a Pirate Radio DJ: What’s In a Name? Plenty, It Turns Out …

I heard that Abie Nathan (owner/founder/sales manager/whatever of THE VOICE OF PEACE) liked to hold parties in his house for members of the Israeli intelligentsia and turn the dial to the Voice of Peace for entertainment.

On one such evening I was apparently supplying the music as host/producer of the classical music block. Since I could pick out my own music (and had taken a Classical Music Appreciation course as part of my Bachelor of Arts degree) I played a lot of my favorite composer in that field: Claude Debussy. (I swear that if one could somehow synthesize some of the French Impressionist paintings I saw in the National Gallery in London and transform them into music they would sound a lot like Debussy compositions.) My mistake was in my introduction to these wondrous works: “That was DEB-ew-see or De-BUSSY, depending on your pronunciation.” (I had heard it pronounced both ways.)

VOP - Debussy quote

The next morning on the ship to shore telephone, I heard Abie yelling at the captain. I didn’t hear all the conversation but I did hear the phrase “and then he said,’depending on your pronunciation.” Shortly after that I was taken off the classical program. Apparently, I had offended one of Abie’s guests and embarrassed the host in front of his friends. (Hmmm … even on a pirate radio station “somewhere in the Mediterranean” I managed to p— off the program director).

To Be Continued ….


Author: rixbitz

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