Films I Saw at My Sister’s Place: Part 4


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A gloomy mansion in a neighborhood of abandoned houses in a decaying city … what better place for a vampire to hide? I mean, Adam (Tom Hiddleston) has a ready supply of blood, thanks to a greedy doctor (Jeffrey Wright). He has a devoted human named Ian ( Anton Yelchin) to cater to his every whim, which, in this case, means Ian brings vintage rock guitars for Adam’s inspection. (Ian remains unaware of his friend’s true nature, despite the occasional slip. “I saw Eddie Cochran play one of these,” says Adam, lovingly caressing one of the rare guitars Ian has brought him. “You saw Eddie Cochran?”, says Ian breathlessly. Adam recovers nicely. “On Youtube”.) These days, Adam spends most of his time in his mostly analog studio composing funeral dirges (which have picked up a growing underground following, much to the dismay of the reclusive musician

Adam was married several centuries ago to another vampire, Eve (Tilda Swinton) and although he is Detroit and she is in Tangiers they can’t stay away from each other. And since he hates to travel she flies (at night, naturally) from Morocco to Detroit to see him.

Problems arise when Eve’s irresponsible little sister (also a vampire and played by Mia Wiakowska, in rare form) comes for a visit.)

Those familiar with the work of indie writer/director Jim Jarmusch should know by now that Jarmusch films are in a genre all their own.

So although his latest film may not measure up to early classics like Mystery Train and Down By Law it is definitely an improvement (in my opinion) over more recent efforts like The Limits of Control.

And for what it’s worth I also enjoyed John Hurt’s portrayal of a vampiric Christopher Marlowe. (Scholars have maintained for years that Marlowe is the true author of Shakespeare’s greatest hits. And Jarmusch has some fun at the expense of Bard lovers in Hurt’s brief scenes.


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