My Favorite Halloween Hits #4 – Haven’t These People Seen The Walking Dead?

Planet  DVD #2

Hellzapoppin’ in every frame of  maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’ PLANET TERROR as clueless citizens in a sleepy little Texas burg are infected with a virus that turns almost everyone into flesh-eatin’ zombies. (Haven’t these people seen Night of the Living Dead?) The survivors are holed up in a rundown barbeque shack on the outskirts of town.

Rose McGowan rocks as a stripper named Cherry Darling. Oh, excuse me, go-go dancer. There is a difference, as she curtly points out to Wray (Freddy Rodriguez, TV’s Six Feet Under), an old flame she’s still hot for. 

The cast also includes Rob Rodriguez favorites like Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis, B movie vet Jeff Fahey (Lawnmower Man himself), Stacy Ferguson (Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame) and, uh, Rob’s doctor, real estate agent, nieces and son Rebel in bit parts. 

Writer/director Robert Rodriguez
Writer/director Robert Rodriguez

Some of this stuff goes way over the top. (You may never want to eat BBQ again.)

But then boys will be boys.  

Besides, I can forgive a lot just for the part where Cherry mows down a platoon of bad guys while spinning like a top with a machine gun where her leg used to be before it was – you guessed it – chomped off by a zombie. (Now that’s what I call Girl Power!)

Rose McGowan wants to be taken seriously as a filmmaker

These days Ms. McGowan just wants to be taken seriously as a filmmaker after directing the 17 minute dramatic short  Dawn which attracted a lot of favorable attention at Sundance 2014.

“In my case, it was a bit of a Jessica Rabbit case in the past, where it’s like, ‘ I’m not that, I’m just drawn this way’ where my brain is very different, she told interviewer Jordan Zakarin in the online show biz trade paper the, ” But because of what I look like, I got stuck doing a lot of certain things that didn’t necessarily go in line with how I think.”



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