Life in Morocco Back in the Day: The Traveller Moves On (Part One)

In case I have given any readers to this page the idea that I spent all my time partaking of illegal substances  during my visit to Morocco I apologize for (perhaps) giving the wrong impression.

But, after all, the name of the country was synonymous with hashish ( or at least it was closely associated with hashish by people I met during my travels back in the day.) 

Ironically enough, I don’t recall ever paying for the stuff. It was just always around. In fact, tt was often offered as a gesture of hospitality in much the same manner as the mint green tea that seemed to be a staple of most households in the country

Still, while spending a couple of weeks in the mountain resort of Mirleft, my left eyelid twitched uncontrollably for so long I felt the condition was permanent. (It gradually returned to normal).

I was warned the Fez medina was one of the largest in the Arab world with streets that had more twists and turns than the plot of a  Raymond Chandler novel.  Sure enough, I got lost ( I was straight, clean and sober at the time) and had to hire a guide to show me the way out.

I spent a few days in the port city of Essaouira without incident; went looking for liquor with some European   friends in Tiznet (didn’t find any – drinking alcohol is forbidden by the Qur’an, so Muslims don’t imbibe); slept under a table in an office in Casablanca (I couldn’t afford a hotel room) and then there was time in Goulimime ….. but I’ll save that for another post ……


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