Leaving Megalopolis and Comic Book Reality As We Know It (Part One)

To paraphrase a hoary old cliche, I don’t know much about ‘graphic novels’ but I know what I like.

And I gotta say I was impressed with the clever concept and bravura artwork of LEAVING MEGALOPOLIS.
Mega - Book Cover

Writer Gail Simone and illustrator Jim Calafiore visualize an urban nightmare in which superheroes suddenly turn on the (very) human residents of a large city.

To hear one superhero tell it, saving humans is not exactly a case of super-altruism. Instead, it borders on obsessive compulsive behavior:. “We thought we were heroes because we were special. Chosen, maybe.  But we were acting as our nature told us.”

A malevolent alien entity (not pictured here) apparently enlightened them to their true role in modern society, leading to a lot of existential questions. “Is it actually heroism, if you can’t stop yourself? wonders one of the superheroes, “That thing from the stars or hell. It touched us. Made us see … now pointless it all was …”

So why not read some Jean-Paul Sartre, go into therapy or take some “happy pills”?

“All we feel is pain,” explains a superhero. “And killing one of you makes that pain go away. Makes us happy for awhile. Hunting you is sport.”


Author: rixbitz

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