KWIK KWOTES: Lady Night Delivers The Cold Hard Facts of Cartooning to Sam Zabel

zabel- cover“Look, Sam, you gotta realize – This stuff ain’t Tolstoy, okay? I’m a superhero in a comic book …. Honey, I hate to break the news … but you ain’t no Alan Moore.”

From Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen a graphic novel by Dylan Horrocks copyright 2014 by Dylan Horrocks

(No less an authority than Alison Bechdel has called this book “a tour de force ….. gorgeously drawn and playful adventures that explore the serious anxieties of midlfe …. (Although if you were to turn The Magic Pen into a hit Broadway musical you would need lotsa props, makeup and costumes -and the world’s most resourceful set designer.)


Author: rixbitz

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