Jimmy Iovine: Vinyl Vet on New Technology

Jimmy Iovine in WIRED Magazine:

“….. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that standout technologists are referred to as ‘rock stars’ – they’re providing the sense of connection and awe their musical forebears once did … Teenagers used to fantasize about being the next Jimmy Page … now they want to be the next Larry Page …. There was a time when anyone between the ages of 15 and 25, music was one, two and three, not anymore …. If you tell a kid, ‘You’ve gotta pick music or Instagram’, they’re not picking music.”

Jimmy Iovine’s career goes back to engineering albums by John Lennon, producing records by Stevie Nicks and U2, co-founding Interscope Records (Tupac  Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre), introducing the world to Eminem and taking a pivotal role in the career of Nine Inch Nails’ frontman/soundtrack composer Trent Reznor. Currently he is head of Apple Music’s streaming service. He is quoted in the article “Relentless” by Jason Tanz in Sept. 2015 issue.

Iovine - cover


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