Chuck It or Not: You Can’t Unread It

Chuck Palahniuk may be one of those rare authors who has built (for want of a better phrase) a cult of personalty which stems from his debut novel. Since then he has released over a dozen novels  but it is Fight Club on which his fame seems to rest (and a series of live appearances in which attendees have been known to faint while Mr. P reads excerpts from his works.)

Stories - Fight

The controversial author released his first  volume of short stories last year.  The author goes out of his way to shock people (and it certainly worked for this reader.) I was trying to find a passage that (in my opinion) best exemplified what the author calls his “trangressive fiction” but I couldn’t find it. Perhaps it just as well. The title gives a hint as to the contents.

Stories - book cover

If you happen to share the pitch black humor of Mr. Palahniuk then you should enjoy these stories. Otherwise, you have been warned. 

Like I said, the author likes to shock his readers.  There is no doubt that Mr. Palahniuk has a gift for vividly realized prose and a knack for witty sayings (“The French have a word for what you’re thinking.”)  Fans may praise him for his fearless breaking down of societal barriers and take-no-prisoners prose. Others (like this reader) may sense that the enigmatic expression on the back cover photo may actually be a sly smile. Like the naughty schoolboy who shocks his teacher by saying swearwords he learned on the playground. You decide.

Storis - smile

Mr. Palahniuk is right about one thing. though. You can’t un-read these stories. Some of them stick with you … like wading through a field of  weeds. 



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