Hot Coffee … and Ben Katchor

I was thinking (always a dangerous activity) that if I ever decided to open a coffee shop I would grade the coffee on temperature as well as where the stuff is made and what type customers wanted.

Suggested categories would include: She’s Hot to Go (with apologies to Lyle Lovett); Very Hot (burnt tongue guaranteed); Molten Lava and AIEEEE!

In other words, why do they make coffee so hot (and then provide a snap-on cap – with a small mouthpiece from which to drink – to keep the drink piping hot.)

I am probably not the only person who feels this way. In a hardcover collection of strips (most of which appeared in NYC-based magazine Metropolis), called Hand Drying in America and other stories, artist Ben Katchor depicts a man drinking a cup  from “an omnipresent chain of coffee bars” (which Katchor dubs “Hotwaters Coffee”) and praising the temperature of the beverage: “Beyond its caffeine content, the heat of near-boiling liquid on my fingertips acts as a stimulant. I refuse the protective sleeve. I’m willing to endure the pain ….”

Ben Katchor - artist & cover
Artist and book cover




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