Depression and Neil Gaiman


I didn’t get off the couch till after the noon hour. I guess I didn’t have the energy to chase away that big black dog. 

Let me explain.

I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman’s short story collection Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances  and in one of the stories a big black dog is used as a metaphor for depression.

I don’t have what they like to call “clinical depression” (whoever “they” are.) I mean, I can leave my apartment.  As a single male, I have to get groceries, do my laundry, pay my bills and generally maintain. 

I probably get enough exercise too. I don’t have a car or a valid driver’s licence so I have to walk everywhere I go.

Still,  it has been a challenge lately just to put down Jaime Hernandez’ LOCAS and do the things I need to do to prolong my life span. (I know the majority of the 600 plus page book is from the late 80s and 90s but I just discovered it in our local library a few weeks ago, after reading a copy of Love and Rockets. I love the part where Hopey, addicted to tagging but having promised her mother that she would give up graffiti, spots a clean white wall, “the adobe Dick of white walls”. I also like Mr. Hernandez’ choice of music. “Teenage Kicks” by the Undertones is one of my favorite singles, too.)

I would write some more but typing this out has made me really sleepy and  more than a little bummed out ……..


Author: rixbitz

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