KWIK KWOTES: Trudeau on Aging

In a collection of strips from Doonesbury called The Weed Whisperer two middle-aged boomers sit on a park bench.

“You know what really sucks about aging?” says the first man. “Pretty much everything”, the second man replies.

MAN #1: “Yeah, but the worst part is being invisible.”

MAN #2: “Not another cashier?”

MAN #1:   “Waitress …. didn’t even look at me.”

MAN #2     “I assume she was hot … If she weren’t, would you have  noticed her not noticing you? …. And, honestly, would she have noticed either of us when we WERE young?

MAN #1 “At least, there was a prayer!”

MAN #2: Really? I have no memory of there being a prayer.” 

Copyright 2015 by G.B. Trudeau


Hey! I can relate!



Author: rixbitz

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