Phillip Marlowe on Mexican Music Back in the 1950s – Everyone’s A Critic

Raymond Chandler, creator of fictional detective Phillip Marlowe – Maybe he would liked the Tijuana Brass

” …. A three-piece Mexican band was making the kind of music that a Mexican band always makes. Whatever they play, it all sounds the same. They always sing the same song, and it always has nice open vowels and a drawn-out sugary lilt, and the guy who sings it always strums on  a guitar and has a lot to say about amor and mi corazon, and a lady who is  ‘linda’ but very hard to convince, and he always has too long or too oily hair and when he isn’t making with the love stuff he looks as if his knife work in an alley would be efficient and economical.”

Raymond Chandler, Playback (1958)




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