Luke Cage Unbound!

I still have a jones for those old blaxploitation flicks. (In fact, as I write this, I still have copies of Pam Grier flicks like Foxy Brown and Coffy, loved her work in Jackie Brown, read her memoir, watched The L Word just for her).


That’s one of the reasons I like the new Netflix drama Luke Cage.  To me, it is like one of those great old blaxploitation flicks with a modern edge. Shucks, it even has The Delfonics (or what’s left of them) in one episode.

Mike Colter as the titular hero has the menace but not the malevolence of the drug dealer he portrayed to such chilling effect on CBS-TV’s The Good Wife (as Lemond Bishop, Mr. Colter didn’t have to crack heads. His presence alone spoke volumes.)

Kudos also to a sterling cast. I certainly  couldn’t know  Mahershala Ali as Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes would make such a good villain after watching him in a completely different role in Netflix’s House of Cards.  And the indomitable Alfre Woodard as Cottonmoth’s corrupt cousin, Mariah Dillard, gets to show off her badass side. 

Mahershalah Ali as Cottonmouth and Alfre Woodard as Ms. Dillard in Luke Cage

Everything about this show is impeccable  – congrats to series creator Cheo  Hodari Coker and company for a block bustin’ adaptation of the underappreciated Marvel comic. (Now all we need is a Pam Grier cameo in Season 2.)

Mike Colter and the “real” Luke Cage (courtesy of Marvel Comics.)

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