Straight Out of Norway: OSLO,AUGUST 31st


This Norwegian import scored high with critics AND audiences on the ubiquitous Rotten Tomatoes rating scale. With a 98% critical approval (out of 61 critics surveyed) and an 82% audience approval rating, I must be missing something. The only audience posting that matched my reaction to this film was from one David L. who wrote: The main character’s compelling enough that I saw the movie all the way through but really, it was about a day in the life of an addict & the pains he caused others because of his addiction, and that’s about it (and I had to hunt for that).

In my humble opinion Norwegian film-maker Joachim Trier deserves credit for attempting to show the causes that lead Anders (Anders Danielson Lie) into a dark, spiralling drug addiction by showing one day in his bleak, existential. lonely existence. Perhaps if I could relate to his condition or the reasons for it, I might have able to find the film “compelling” , “harrowing”, “engrossing”, “gripping” or any of the other adjectives used to describe it in reviews.

As it is, I was distinctly underwhelmed by the film. My loss?



Author: rixbitz

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