More Stuff I Have Watched (#2)


SPOILER ALERT! (Well, sorta)

A movie about a drug-addicted hit man …. with a happy ending? Now, that’s different (not necessarily believable. But it IS different!)



I guess the producers thought pairing up Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried (and throwing in Johnny Galecki from TV’s Big Bang Theory for good measure) would appeal to that coveted 18-25 demographic. Guess again. This wannabe sci-fi was both a critical and commercial bellyflop. However, since I’m not in that demographic I found it a passable timewaster. Even if I was in that demographic, I couldn’t picture spending part of my hard-earned Gap salary on this in a movie theatre. (I signed out the DVD in the local library for nothing.)                                          in time 2   


I like Greta Gerwig. I really do. It’s just that I have trouble with most of the movies she has made.  And someone should tell Rebecca Miller (yes, Arthur’s daughter) to get out of NYC more often and stop watching Woody Allen movies. Cuz this rom-com isn’t quite as clever and cute as it thinks it is. Also I started to worry that maybe Ethan Hawke is being typecast as the kinda character he plays in this movie.

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