Stuff I Watched # 3 – MUDBOUND


mudbound - poster

Never did understand why some white folks have such a hate-on for some black folks.  It ain’t right. But if you saw and appreciated writer/ director Dee Rees’ thoughtful, moving adaptation of a novel by Hillary Jordan about two families – one white and one black –  and the racism that deeply affects all of their lives you should already know that. The story is set in the rural South in the 1940s but near as I can figure it’s still going on decades later all over the U.S. 

mudbound - Mary
Mary J. Blige in Mudbound (with Jason Mitchell with his back to the camera)

A dream cast – Carey Mulligan, Jason Mitchell, Jason Clarke and the great Mary J. Blige (making her feature film dramatic debut and almost recognizable), to name just a few – translates this nightmarish scenario with conviction and heart with help from the supremely talented and dedicated Ms. Rees. (She is also responsible for the excellent 2011 feature Pariah.)

mudbound - rees
Filmmaker Dee Rees




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