TV or not TV: Is That a Question? (WOLF HALL)

Think Westeros has intrigue (and a high body count)?

Wolf Hall - poster

Try the court of Henry VIII in 15th century England (and, unlike the Lannisters, this is based on real facts.(Kudos to screenwriter Peter Straughan for boiling down Hilary Mantel’s two door-stopping historical novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies in this six-part BBC/PBS miniseries now on DVD.)

wolf hall - trio
Damian Lewis (left), Mark Rylance (middle) and Claire Foy (right) in “Wolf Hall”

Award-winning actor Mark Rylance (he has won or been nominated for every major award except the Grammy) stars in a thoroughly immersive performance as Thomas Cromwell, a wily manipulator trying to survive and prosper in the court of Henry VIII (played with mercurial elan by Damian Lewis).

PS Claire Foy, so good as a young Elizabeth II in Netflix’s The Crown, portrays the doomed Anne Boleyn (although her character doesn’t know she is doomed in the early stages of this drama. Far from it!)

Wolf Hall - bookwolf hall - bodies



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