Random Mutterings #2 – Marvel vs. DC

I recently finished reading Slugfest: Inside the Epic 50 Year Battle Between Marvel and DC, Reed Tucker’s meticulously researched (well, meticulously researched,by my standards but then I am not “an aging fanboy” or a comic book cultist). Probably my favorite quote is not from the book but the blurb on the back cover from, of all people, SNL alum and talk show host Seth Meyers: Reed Tucker masterfully dissects the REAL issue dividing us as a nation.” 

arnold s. book cover

I don’t have a dog in this fight but I confess to reading Batman comics as a youngster (and I have seen all of the Tim Burton and Chris Nolan films as an adult. ) Still, if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to choose, I would probably have to pick Marvel. I still remember the guilty thrill I got when the bugler in Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos mentioned Miles Davis in a speech balloon. Okay, the comic was set in WWII and Miles didn’t start recording till the 50s so it was kinda anachronistic but it was still kinda cool. (Ironically, Sgt. Fury is one of the few Marvel comic book series NOT to be turned into a movie – although I thought Ah-nold would be perfect casting in the abortive project mentioned in Slugfest.  Sam Jackson as Nick Fury just doesn’t do it for me.)

Arnold S
Arnold S. would have made a great Sgt. Fury

But whaddya think about the book? (Who Cares?)  It was informative, entertaining and reminded me of those long ago days when I watched all those movies and read  all those comic books and graphic novels (still looking for Frank Miller’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) unquestioningly.

Arnold S. Sgt. Rock

And then there is Todd MacFarlane and all that background info on Image Comics ……


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