RANDOM MUTTERINGS #3 – The Needle and the Knitting Done

I saw a familiar face staring out at me from the cover of Vogue Knitting. Admittedly Krysten Ritter looks a little more relaxed than she does in her day job as Marvel’s Jessica Jones, now streaming on Netflix. (Maybe Ms. Ritter is thinking of that scarf she has just created.)

Of course, you’d be agonized, too, if you were Jessica Jones. your brother and father died in a car crash when you were a child, you’ve recently discovered  your mom (played with ferociousness and femininity by Janet McTeer) is still alive, although not exactly in the way you remember her, your best friend (Rachael Taylor) is jealous of your superpowers and you have been experimented on by a misguided , some might call him  mad,  scientist (Callum Keith Rennie).

jessica 2

Yes, she’s troubled but then she is a Marvel Comics character (Hey! That’s part of the appeal) and Ms. Ritter has definitely committed herself to the lead role with  commendable results.

As for Ms. Ritter herself, you can see the kittenish side of her onscreen personality as she tries to teach late night talk show host Stephen Colbert how to knit and the bored, I’d-rather-be-knitting side on something called Build (it doesn’t help that the interviewer, who looks almost as bored, mistakenly calls the chief villain in Season One of Jessica Jones  “Kilgore” instead of Kilgrave.) 


Author: rixbitz

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