But then it might have been Fettucini ….

I recently saw Da Nada (oops! sorry! wrong film) … I mean, La Strada at one of those Free Film Nights sponsored by the local library. Giulietta Masina as the naive waif stuck in an abusive relationship with a loutish circus strongman played by Anthony Quinn is both adorable and heart-breaking (it is easy to see why director Federico Fellini fell in love with her and asked her to be his wife.) And I hafta think it was a shame Mr. Quinn couldn’t summon up the same passion and regret his character shows in that classic final scene in La Strada in some of his later Hollywood vehicles.

There must have been a problem with the subtitles, though. Because although the film I saw was in Italian with English language subtitles, there was a swarthy Mediterranean type next to me who kept laughing at dialogue I didn’t think was particularly funny. Like I said, there must have been a problem with the subtitles.

Or …


Author: rixbitz

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