I Got it at the Library: “THE COMEDIAN”

Robert de Niro plays a washed-up 1980s sitcom star seeking to reinvent himself as a hip (and very blue) stand-up comic but all the audiences wanna see is the character he played in the long-ago series.

Robert de Niro in THE COMEDIAN – Also pictured is (top) Leslie Mann (Mrs. Judd Apatow in private life), Danny Devito and Broadway legend Patti LuPone (Middle) and Edie Falco (Bottom).

Kinda reminds me of the plight in which Bojack Horseman finds himself in the animated Netflix hit (back in the Nineties, according to the show’s premise, Bojack starred in a silly, family-friendly TV series called “Horsin’ Around” and the show still follows him around like a bad smell.)

Of course, there is one important difference (outside of the fact that Mr. de Niro is not animated):  Bojack Horseman is actually funny.


Author: rixbitz

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