Thoughts on Kendrick Lamar on VANITY FAIR magazine

Kendrick Lamar gracing the cover of VANITY FAIR magazine?

kendrick vanity fair

Come to think of it, that is the second African-American face I have  seen on the cover of the venerable monthly  in recent issues. (Prize-winning screenwriter and actress Lena Waithe was front and center a few months ago.)

‘Course I could have missed a few issues but it seems to me that more people of color are making the cover since new editor Radhika Jones took over as editor of the magazine several months ago. (There were black and/or brown bodies on the covers for special issues, like the annual Hollywood Issue, but they had to share the cover with a lot of Caucasians.)

Ms. Radhika Jones

One thing hasn’t changed though – VANITY FAIR is still my favorite wish-fulfillment magazine!


Author: rixbitz

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