It’s A Millennial World … We Just Live In It … (Kwotes from “RUNAWAYS”)

Television …  It’s like You Tube for old people.”

“This is a camp-out! Turn off  all electronic devices EEE-MEE-DIATELY.”

KLARA DISCOVERS SHOPPING MALLS “All these shops, all these … things … in one building. Amazing. MOLLY: And this isn’t even the best part … There’s a place called the food court … Totally rocks …”

“… I’m for peace, not the environment. You can’t do it all.”

AND THEN THERE’S THIS … “That’s the first rule of radio, junior   … don’t think.”  I once worked in small and medium market radio in western Canada. The equipment may have changed, but it is somehow comforting to know some things haven’t changed. (No, the above is not a line of dialogue from the Howard Stern film “Private Parts” -although it would fit right in. It’s a talk balloon from DJ Val Rhymin.)

All Quotes from RUNAWAYS Copyright 2015 by MARVEL 


Author: rixbitz

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