It’s All Japanese To Me

Ever wake up with fragments of a song circulating in your head?

As a former DJ/Announcer/Whatever it is perhaps understandable. But after doing some research, in other words, asking some friends, I understand it is not limited to my alleged profession. In fact, it is probably darn near universal which is why I am posting this on my blog.

Often there may be a rhyme but  not a reason for the song selected by my cerebral jukebox.

I mean, how do you explain an obscure Fifties tune like “Dark Moon’ suddenly and unaccountably showing up one afternoon? I must have heard it and registered it but when and where?

Even more puzzling is a Japanese pop hit with the catch-all title “Sukiyaki”. (As I understand it, the song has nothing to do whatsoever with the Asian food.) Although it was sung entirely in Japanese by Kyu Sakamoto, it was a huge pop hit on the North American charts in the early Sixties.

Along with the snatches of melody, my subconscious (or whatever is responsible) attempts to recreate the lyrics and since I don’t speak Japanese I can only assume that my brain is unwittingly murdering the language.

I know there was an English-language hit by a girl group several years ago but I can’t program my internal streaming service.

What is the Japanese word for “HELP!”!



Author: rixbitz

media gadfly

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