Whatever ….

I noted with misplaced envy that a woman poster with an unconventional name had complained on my Facebook feed about a troll who had prefaced his diatribe to her page by making fun of her name.  It should have been rather flattering, in a perverse way.  At least he read her post and had taken the time to think of a nickname and a reply. I get little response to my entries. Of course, I write basically film reviews (for which I actually got paid in a previous lifetime) and she writes political rants. That may be the difference.

When I first started writing this blog (an eternity ago in internet time) I wrote a lengthy critique on the work of one sun-dazed film-maker who had come back to haunt us with one more self-indulgent release and actually got a (largely snarky) reply from one of the film-maker’s longtime buddies in LA. Several years later, I get, as  I say, minimal response. However, the old maxim remains true – Be careful what you wish for.

A few months ago. I began receiving some intriguing posts from what appeared to be an attractive young American woman. Having experienced this “game” in high school and having watched the film Catfish (before the movie title became an Internet term) I did not make an expected move that could be deemed inappropriate or just plain humorous. I assumed the “posts” and “pics” were the product of some bored young suburbanites or some local men/women/collective who knew I was writing a blog (largely for my own reasons) and decided to prank me.  Since my responses to this mysterious “poster” were largely non-committal he/she/they eventually got tired of the “game” and moved on .

Still, it’s an interesting world we now live in.


Who Is This Rixbitz Guy Anyway?

I got a recent email ( part of a mass mailout) from a young woman in the States seeking to solidify a freelance job as a writer. editor, proofreader, etc. In fact, I have received a number of poems, short stories, song lyrics and other literary material from the UK, USA and Australia during the time I have been writing this weblog. For those of you who have sent samples of your work I’ve gotta say I bow to your talents and savour your words. However, I don’t want to mislead anyone: I have zip contacts or influence in the publishing or entertainment biz. (I wish I had because some of the stuff I have received is truly amazing.)

My career for most of my so-called adult life has been in small to medium market electronic media including commercial radio, newspaper columns and a contracted gig as a reporter/host for a weekly arts and entertainment program for a small cable TV network. I got a B.A. in English and History, hitch-hiked across Canada, spent 20 months or so  whistlestopping through Europe and parts of Israel (where I worked on a kibbutz and, later, on a “pirate radio” station in international waters) and Morocco, having many adventures along the way, some blog-worthy and some, uh , not.

I don’t wanna unwittingly catfish anyone so let me just say I’m an original Boomer living in (my) Sixties (and this time I’m gonna remember everything) and  I did inhale (man, did I inhale!) back when my hair was longer.

I originally started to write this blog to keep my brain from turning to jelly. Surprisingly, some folks actually  read my jottings.

Unfortunately for some of my acquaintances my WordPress blog automatically sends to Tumblr, Twitter and what is left of my Facebook “friends”. To those “friends” on Facebook I sincerely apologize (but the majority of them haven’t got this far, anyway. I would wager.

During the time I have been writing this blog, I have received over 24,000 page views. When I told my brother-in-law a few months ago, he laughed derisively and told me that he had received more  simply by trying to sell his car online. Probably. But then I’m not trying to sell you anything.

Those folks who wish to review films or books as soon as they are released may find this column hopelessly behind the times. The blog is simply a collection of scribblings about (largely pop cultural) things (books, films, graphic novels, music, quotes etc.) that I have discovered and  wish to share with friends i.e. anyone who reads this weblog.

Hmmm. it will be interesting to see if I have any pageviews after this confessional column. (Oh well. Might as well get a fresh start in the New Year.)